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Inflatable pool is popular in summer
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The inflatable pool of today is better constructed, more durable and comes in a wide variety of sizes. The smaller children style is still around, in different shapes and colors. Many times, they have multiple rings filled with air to prevent a total collapse of the pool which makes them a bit safer. Even the kiddie kid has a range of depths that run from 12 inches deep to 21 inches deep. Shapes include the simple round style, as well as elaborate style like the pirate ship with built in slide, water cannons and pirate flag.

Perhaps you want something more that a small pool for children, but the budget does not allow for a large rigid above ground pool. There's an inflatable pool for that. They are easy to assemble with the purchase of an air pump and many larger styles often come with filter pumps to keep the water nice and clean. They are generally made with a strong, marine grade type of vinyl and are built to last longer than a single summer. Larger pools may come with metal framing for additional support. The sizes run from fitting two to three people comfortably up to holding the whole family, with toys, floats and all the fun things a person could want in a swimming pool. The bigger pools often require a ladder to get in and out of the water. 

Like with any swimming pool, your inflatable pool will require regular maintenance and care to ensure it has a long life and lasts many summers. You will need to schedule pool care two to three days a week, depending on how much use it sees. These duties include testing the water from acidity, alkalinity, PH levels and water level. You can hire someone to do this for you, but with a little time and the ability to follow directions, you can do these duties yourself and save yourself some money. You should also check and change your filter, hoses, and ensure your pumps are in good running condition as well. It's also a good idea to keep a patch kit on hand to repair any small holes. A small hole can quickly become a large hole and lead to catastrophic yard flooding.
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