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How to install inflatable bounce houses?
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Inflatable Bounce houses are known by a variety of names including inflatable castles, moon bounce, jolly jump, etc. These bounce areas are generally made of strong PVC and nylon and they are then inflated using an electric blowing machine. 

While with small punctures, there is no problem of deflation, with a bigger hole, the structure can collapse completely. So, the question about the safety of a bounce house comes from not following proper safety tips. With inflatable bounce houses there are many other things that you need to keep in mind and the following tips should help you to ensure that you have a good experience with a bounce house.
When the operator is installing the inflatable castle, ensure that he places a tarp to protect the bottom of the house. Also ensure that the castle is weighed down with weights or with sandbags. After the house has been inflated, check to see that there are no holes, rips, or punctures of any kind. If the unit is sagging anywhere, then there are chances of a rip. If your garden area has any sprinklers installed, then ensure that they are all turned off.
Ensure that the spot you place the bounce house in is an area that has grass so that there is no scare of the bounce house being ripped by stones and pebbles. Also ensure that there are no toys or twigs in the area.
It is important that there is always adult supervision when children are playing in the bounce house. Do not allow kids who are younger than four years of age inside the bounce house as it can be a recipe for accidents. If there are high winds, then ensure that you do not allow the unit to run and you close it immediately.
If you have pets at home, then remember to keep them away from the inflatable houses. Also ask the kids to remove their shoes before they step in. Most parents question the safety of these inflatable castles. If proper precaution is taken and safety measures are followed, then inflatable castles can be exactly what they are intended to be fun.
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