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How to repair inflatable slides?
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Inflatable slides are normally made out of strong material, such as vinyl or nylon, which rips with wear and tear over time. Most inflatable slides or inflatable water slides come with a patch kit for repairing tears. If your inflatable slide did not come with one, patch kits are available online or in department stores where inflatable slides are sold.

1. Purchase a patch kit online or from a sporting goods store. Patches are available for different inflatable water slide materials, so match the kit to your type of material. Look on the original packing of your infaltable slide if unsure or call the manufacturer.
2. Locate the hole in your inflatable slide. If you do not know where the rip is, spray the area with soapy water till bubbles form. Mark the location of the bubbles with a felt tip pen.
3. Cut the patch using scissors into a piece larger than the puncture hole. You should make the patch rounded so as to avoid peeling edges. Let the air out of the inflatable slide if inflatable. Clean and dry the torn area on the water slide with rubbing alcohol.
4. Apply the glue to the back of the patch. Press the patch onto the rip in the water slide, pressing down hard. Stack some books onto the patch for added pressure. Wait at least two hours until the glue is dry before using your inflatable slide.
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