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Wolong authorized as the sole agent only in Iran
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In this year, our company authorized the company SHadi Sazan Lahij as our sole agent only in Iraq and Iran market for our inflatable amusement equipment products. Which means that our market in Asia will widely extended in the future, and achieve further profits in the whole world.




We also use high-end welding and laminating machines to ensure the quality and efficiency of our products. For your assurance, we only use PVC materials with SGS testing and blowers approved by ROHS/UL.


Company sales network has reached to all over the world, which is the capacity for many years in the world at the same industry. Products are exported to Europe and the United States, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, Taiwan and other countries and regions. At the same time, through the strengthening of the management, increasing the utilization ratio of raw materials, as well as to strengthen the inspection way, make the company obtained the good economic benefit; In 2010, annual sales income 16.8489 million yuan, exports reached us $1.758 million. In 2011, annual sales income 19.9921 million yuan, exports reached us $2.3 million.


To sets up the brand awareness, promote traditional Chinese culture, a breakthrough in enterprise development. our company plans to use the next three years, strengthening enterprise brand advantage, to speed up the international market development, the company gradually toward the international brand; Strengthen the development of diversified, enhance the anti-risk ability of enterprises; Strengthen management, to achieve export sales of cultural products and services in more than 15% growth in 2012, profits growth of 10%; And rose more than 5% over the next three years.


In the national policy guidance and the support of the competent department, and through perfecting company's management and employees of high enthusiasm, the development of the company will achieve higher goals.



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